product introduction

JW Grassing & tree-planting pavement

Product Feature

Breathing, high-pressure resistance, high water permeability, vegetable planting, grass planting, building greening, and water retention. The surface is colorful and can activate the soil to provide space for microorganism survival and improve environmental quality.


Applicable location

1.Parking Lot




5.Schools, Public places and all places where grass planting pavment is required


● Integrated, no fall-off, saving maintenance expenses with low cost.
● Safety, sustainability, durability for more than 10 years, evenness with no damage.
● High compressibility strength (can bear the load of a military tank).
● Capable of breathing, capturing CO2, absorbing dust and cleaning the air.
● Capable of refilling underground water, harvesting rainwater, minimizing surface runoff,
detaining flood and preventing disaster.
● Capable of air-circulating and breathing, mitigating the greenhouse effect and urban heat-island.
● Tree planting and greening; vegetable planting and flowering to build urban happy farm;
coloring the landscape and cleaning the environment; view-pleasing and spirit-nurturing



The JW Eco-Technology depends on the characteristics of the case and adapts to local conditions. The construction procedures are subject to the needs of the owner. Please contact us if needed.