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about chyi shyang

Chyi Shyang Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is a “best” engineering construction and “the latest”, “the most environmentally friendly” building materials trading professional operators. Five years ago, we won the Ding Tai Co., Ltd. JW Eco-Technology and the latest technology and product transfer, aid cooperation and guidance to engage in new products 【R&D】 → production (factory) → promotion【export】market → the establishment of internal and export 【agents】 and 【distributors】 → New products 【market education】 → Training high-quality 【marketing staff】 To the most professional on-site construction 【technical personnel】 services, for the consistent operation of the company, another Chyi Shyang engineering company is also engaged in foreign excellent products agent, sales and construction … etc.

Business philosophy

30 years ago, started from an engineering site small worker, to site temple apprentice, general engineering site master, all the way to a professional building materials agency distribution, sales and construction company officially established in 1990, Chi Shyang Co., Ltd. started from the root and proceed steadily. Therefore we have professional knowledge, Macro vision and a clear idea of what the market needs.   

Our company clearly understands that only good products can truly meet the market demand and will not be eliminated, thus we uphold this concept, attentively develop a variety of building materials. With decades of experience and sincere and practical heart, constantly strive for excellence in the construction industry. Plus, by turning building materials into practical and artistic materials, they no longer just give people the impression of monotonous boredom.

Therefore, we continue to seek changes. Practical, high-quality products, reasonable market prices, professional after-sales service and satisfactory quality assurance the business philosophy of Chi Shyang Co., LTD.

Market advantages

Chi Shyang is a company specializing in R&D, self-built factory production, foreign building materials agent import and market sales to responsible construction, professional building materials production, sales and construction. Therefore we have saved the middle three layers of interest distribution. ( E.g., the factory sells to the agent, the agent sells to the dealer, the dealer sells to the owner, the owner sends the package to the construction unit). Consequently, the price of the company’s products is absolutely reasonable, unlike other building materials, the unit price is too high, construction unclear responsibility ownership and other types of work cannot be combined, which causes problems to the owners.

We provide the owners with the most direct, cheapest, and highest-tech product liability services, allowing you to reduce costs and save unnecessary troubles, and The quality of the products produced by the company is designed and produced according to the nature of the locality, which can meet the local needs.
We can serve you immediately when you need it at any time, without worrying about the supply or maintenance problem; what we sell is not just building materials, but also about presenting your needs with simplicity, clearance and responsibility. 

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